Welcome to PleioneWorld

The PleioneWorld webside is run by Erling Flyvholm. I am situated in Denmark in growthzone 8b. Since 2010 I have been growing Pleione, and have build up a collection of species and hybrids. Before growing Pleione I have, since 1991, been growing tropical orchids, mainly bulbophyllum, aerangis and dendrobium. But for the last 7 years, I have only been growing pleione, cypripedium and other hardy orchids, mainly Epipactis. In 2015 also Coelogyne and Disa has been entered into my collection. I grow the plants outside as much as possible, but since not all Pleione are completely hardy, they have to be protected during winter. For that purpose I have a well isolated shed, which can keep the temperature just above 2-3 °C. From October to January I have been selling surplus bulbs, since my growing area only allow me to grow from 5-10 bulbs of the same plants. Up till now I have mainly been selling at Ebay, but from time to time I also sell directly to hobby growers, but only inside Europe due to CITES regulations. Besides selling, I will continually post pictures of my plants, and try to give some information on growing, fertilizer, watering, pest and whatever could be interesting in concern to Pleione growing. Also I will try to keep and updated hybrid list. I have started to do some hybridization myself, and will also try to keep you orientated on that subject. If you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me on this webpage, mail or facebook. My facebook page can be found on https://www.facebook.com/PleioneWorld and my mail is erlingflyvholm@gmail.com. Photo copyright Please note, that all pictures on this site is taken by me and of my flowers and belongs to (C)PleioneWorld. Therfore I deside who can use them. If you want to use some, pelase send me a mail, and state for what purpose. If not used for commercial purpose, I usual have no problems with you using my pictures. If I allow you to use them, I will send the pictures in a much higher quality and with the mark (C)PleioneWorld.  Thank you