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Hybrid list updated with 16 new hybrids of 2016

The Hybrid list is now updated with the new hybrids of 2016. This year 16 new hybrids have been registered, all listed below. I am looking forward to see pictures of the new aditions.   Pleione Arcturus =  Pleione pleionoides x Pleione  Leda made by  P. Desombre 2016  Pleione Arndt Liebig = Pleione Riah Shan x  Pleione Orizaba made by  M. Müller 2016  PleioneBird Island = Pleione Ruby Wedding x Pleione grandiflora made by E. Locke Pleione Brian Whyer = Pleione Mandalay x Pleione Whakari made by I. Butterfield Pleione Felicite = Pleione Piton x Pleione grandiflora made by E. Locke Pleione Forest Nymph = Pleione Harlequin x Pleione forrestii made by S. James Pleione Isabela  = Pleione x confusa x Pleione Salek made by I. Butterfield Pleione Josef Schwejk = Pleione coronaria x Pleione formosana made by H. Pinkepank Pleione Kadovar = Pleione Salek x Pleione grandiflora made by I. Butterfield Pleione Phillip Cribb = Pleione Betty Arnold x Pleione Whakari made by I. Butterfield Pleione Sahara = Pleione  Mandalay x Pleione Kituro made by S. James Pleione Santiago = Pleione Jokull x Pleione Victoria made by I. Butterfield Pleione Silouhette = Pleione Marion Johnson x Pleione grandiflora made by E. Locke Pleione Sputnik = Pleione coronaria x Pleione albiflora made by H. Pinkepank Pleione Terry Want = Pleione Suswa x Pleione Krafla made by I. Butterfield Pleione Tinkerbell = Pleione hookeriana x Pleione chunii made by I. Butterfield

Pleione maculata and Pleione Reichenbachiana for sale at EBAY

Hello all For the next 7 says, I ahve listed some Pleione for sale at Ebay. Please have a look at this link: p1080514 Kind regards Erling


I have added my new interest, Coelogyne. I have bought a few to start with, then I will hope it all works out well. Have a look in my galleries to se picture of the plants. I will try and work out a cultivation guide for these plants. Coe flacida's1'

Last Pleione bulbs and bulbils potted, come on flowering season

So the last Pleione bulbs and bulbils are potted and I am so ready for the flowering season. It has been hard work potting up 3-400 pots, but I hope they will flower and grow well this year. The cold shed are realy full, so not much room for moving around. I might have to consider making and extension... wonder what the wife think about that ;-).     P1050906

Juts bought a load of Coelogyne

Yesterday a load of Coelogyne orchids arrived fra Germany. I am looking forward to grow them in the years to come, and I will dedicate thies wep-page also to them. Coelogyne cristata was the first orchid I ever had.  I got it when I was working in Tanzania. Now I will try to grow the cold speices together with the springflowering Pleione and the warm ones together with the autumnflowering Pleione. It might very well work out. Under Galeries I will post pictures of the plants and hopefully also the flowers. Regards Erling

Growthlist as from January 2016

Here is a copy of my growthlist as from January 2016. It has been updated with the newest acquisition, not least from frinds in Germany, The Netherlands, UK and of course Paul Cumbleton and Ian Butterfield. Growth list jan-2016

No more Pleione for sale 2015

For the season 2015-16 there are no more plants for sale. I will be back October 2016 with new and interesting Pleione on the sales list. Thank you all for buying and swaping plants with me this year. It has been interesting to meet new Pleione entusiasts this way. I wish all of you a Happy New year and a nice growing season 2016. Kind regards Erling PleioneWorld

Hybridlist updated

Pleione hybridlist are now updated with plants registrated in 2015. This is a total of 22. All but one are spring flowering  hybrids, but interesting to see that H. Pinkepank has crossed Pln. saxicola x Pln. praecox. Nice to see Pln. saxicola used for hybridisation. The new pleione hybrids are made by: E. Locke = 2 P. Desombre = 1 M. Hazelton = 6 S. James = 3 R. Bicknell = 7 H. Pinkepank = 3 ( one autumn flowering hybrid)

Autumn flowering Pleione for sale

Please have a look at my facebook page  where I have a few spare bulbs for sale. Regards Erling  

Last flowering Pleione this spring is Pleione hookeriana

As the last flowering Pleione this spring is Pleione hookeriana. A very nice clone, though looking much the same as Pleione chunii that flowered earlier. This Pleione hookeriana clone has very large bulbs, again much the same as my Pleione chunii. Maybe next year, my other clone of Pleione hookerian will flower, this clone has very small bulbs, and It will be nice to compare the two clones. Now I will have to concentrate on the growing season, and make sure that the bulbs develop nicely. I am already looking forward to the autumn flowering season and specially to see Pleione Semeru flower. Until then, thanks form here, and good luck to all with the growing season. Pleione hookeriana (1)  
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