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Growing boxes: I use growing boxes made of plastic. Each box can hold approximately 15 pots. the bottom of the boxes I cover with a piece cotton blanket. This helps to keep the growing area humid during the summer. It also hold back "drop of" bulbils during the autumn. September 2015: I have now tested this for two growing seasons, and I have to say that it is a succes. The blanket holds back the drop of bulbils, and the roots from Pleione that grow out of the holes in the bottom of the pot, spread out over the blanket. Here it suck nutrition and water from the blanket. It really helps the plant getting moist in the dry periods. The wet blanket also keep a general moist climate around the plants. 1 2 356   Growing on very small bulbils Very small bulbils from ex. Pleione albiflora, Pleione coronaria and Pleione chunii can be very difficult to grow. Many of them are so small, that the dry out or drown and rots in the compost. I have tried, with succes, to grow them in a way, that requires minuimum of care. I use a plastic bottle, wich I cut in half. In the bottom I add some perlite and water to keep the bottle moist but not too wet. On top of this I add a little layer of fine chopped moss and pinebark. Again on top of this I add the tiny bulbils. Then I put back the top part of the bottle. This construction can stay moist for a long time, and I only have to mist the top with some rainwater and and once in a while a little week solution of fertilizer. 1 2 3 Here is a bottle with a few Pleione albiflora bulbils When it come to the dormant periode around November, I keep the bottle cool and almost dry. In the comming spring I just grow on again until the bulbils get big enough to grow on normaly.


  1. I really like your idea with the bottle for small bulbils. I have struggled with some of my small bulbils and some have died (I don’t know why). I will try this idea but am a little afraid of brown rot spots on the bulbs. Do you use any fungicide such as Systhane on your tiny bulbils?
    I too grow my pleione outside, after April, but without the protection of a roof. I grow them on a north facing bench covered with capillary mats so that they stay moist at the bottom. In this way I can leave them during the summer for holidays. I have about 1000 pleiones in total and about 100 varieties. Unfortunately my Windows computer can’t read your variety list download.
    Regards – John – Scarborough England

    • erf

      11. December 2016 at 21:45

      Hello John
      Nice to hear from you. About the bottle growing for tiny bulbils like albiflora, coronarian and chunii, I treat all bulbils with a fungicide before sowing them out. It is important not to leave the bottles outside in the rain, since the rain could fill up the bottle if you are away on weekends, holydays or the like. I have only a little water in the botton Perlit layer. That seems to give enough moist to the bulbils. From time to time I spray the with a water sprayer with water or water mixed with a little fertilizer. If you are afraid of rot, you can also spray them with a little fungicide 1-2 times during the growing season.
      Regards Erling

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